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Don't Just Dream It - Do it!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


It's easy to let your assets and opportunities define your abilities, in too many cases people tend to use this as an alibi for why they didn't DO, TAKE ACTION or LIVE THEIR OWN LIFE. To reach a dream has never been simple, just remember, already when on the journey - YOU'RE HALF WAY THERE.


Today, all in all life is pretty easy. I mean, it's not. We have new challenges and limitations. New wars, pain and bloody unfair issues. But we can reach out and create a change if we really want to. Whatever your life, dreams and purpose is about. Don’t just dream it, do it! How ever impossible things may seem, add a cup of ignorance and any thing is possible!

A dream and a goal can be creating Facebook before Facebook, or smart phones before Apple - if you're an entrepreneur you know what I'm talking about. When you find your purpose - THAT BIG DREAM - and you feel so inspired and strong that you can't stop! With a big dream that you're truly passionate about always comes a certain drive that will push you through sleepless nights (caused by a dream and inspiration set on fire!). If you're the type of person who believes in your self; I know you know what I'm talking about.


A dream can be a trip, a journey, a friendship and moment you so dearly want to experience. Yes! You know what I'm talking about! The feeling from inside that drives you, accelerates you... the strong feeling that WILL PUSH YOU TOWARDS your dream like it's the biggest magnet in the Universe!

Something that has a TRUE IMPACT on EXECUTING YOUR DREAM is the motivation and connection to your dream. THE DISCOVERY of your dream.

Think about it; to shop a dream from a much filtered image on Instagram might disappoint you at the time you reach you dream destination. While discovering your dream destination as you throw your self out there, using Instagram or whatever to add som guidens and inspiration is a whole different story.

When it comes to the dream of travel (there are many different dreams!) I will give you an other example:

Many decades ago when I was making plans for a vacaion, I think I was twenty something, the travel agency displayed a beautiful turquoise beach with a ship wreck right there on the beach. It was breathtaking and unbelievable! Wow! That was exactly the kind of place I wanted to travel and explore. When we reached the island, and took a private boat trip to the beach with the ship wreck - the boats were floating in line to bring tourists to the beach. We were able to enjoy the beach for twenty something minutes and the beautiful natural water was full of oil from the boats. It wasn't disappointing - it was depressing. The hotel we stayed at had some yoga-gym thing going on every morning with loud music and as it appeared - the islands didn't match my dream. I was blinded by the beauty of this image of a desert beach. At this point in my life, I decided to find my own way around the world.

Let your dreams and destinations grow within you, seek some connection with your self before you decide where to go. And I'm sure your dream destination will fit just perfect for you.

It's the same thing with dreams and goals. FIND THE FIRE IN YOUR SOUL, then you'll be able to gather enough strength and patience to execute you mission.


Even though this is my "mother-but-me" blog, I have to be honest. The lessons learned while being a mother aren't few. One of them are the strong ignorance and unstoppable belief the youngest children have in them selves. Even though I can write a book about this... trust me on this: Sometimes a cup of ignorance is all you need.

If you want to read my very personal story that might inspire some spark to your dream; try this : Don't fail on your dream - It trusts you!

I am Jennifer Moi, a dream catcher on my way to create my dream!

Sincerely Jennifer

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