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Have you ever felt ambition breath down your neck?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Not exactly Queen of Single-Tasking

But I'm definitely working on it! In this blog post I'll explain why. I feel ambition and passion for almost anything that looks like "action", but it has to have a meaningful purpose. Years ago the father of a guy I used to know, told me that I had too much guts and way too little knowledge. He was probably right. At that time I was 22 years old, and I knew that I didn't have much more than the power to believe! Many years later, I realize that the power of believing can take you pretty far!

Have you ever felt like me? That your ambitions breaths down your neck? I have this feeling that I just want to do so many things... most of the time I love this feeling and it makes me feel a natural high. It makes me happy and brings a flair of feeling alive! And then you have the days when you realize that your ideas just are... just that... until you actually start working on them.

In my life I'm not very afraid, but I am "alone" about everything. I usually say; Be Your Own Star, and that's it. You have to believe and keep hyping up the concept of being YOU. Eventually you truly are the star you deserve to be! It is very important to feed your self with really positive energy.

About the feeling of ambition breathing down my neck. Personally I just can't find enough time or money to accomplish and organize everything I believe in. I just can't find enough time. And at times it gives me real stress and the feeling of frustration is dominating my bones. For a rational person; you might laugh about it, thinking; Of course you can't accomplish everything. What did you think? I mean, for real? For me the stress, the frustration and complete lack of time gives me the reason to keep hustling. And step by step I pick up some great advise from some great business minds, and I realize that I have to choose!

You can't do everything you wish for. At least not at the same time if you want to succeed with it. The art of surviving ambition, dreams and ideas is to pick 3 - 5 top things of almost everything you want to do. Forget about the rest. (For me this is brutal, but ok... I can forget for now - and I'll come back to it later) This way you can sort your mind, ambitions and sort out most challenges you will have with time and resources. It makes sense; if you can practice single-tasking you're more likely to succeed with the one project you're focusing on. This doesn't mean that you wont have success if you're working on several projects at a time. But it is A REALLY GOOD START downsizing your ambitions about accomplishing everything, in order to succeed with the one thing that matters the most!

Good luck, and Merry Christmas. Christmas time is a great time for reflection and down sizing my ambitions in order to reach MY GOALS!

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. [Steve Jobs]

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