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Me, My self and I - A Slice of ME-time

Doing what you really want - AND taking care of all the things you just have to!

The past two weeks I've done something I really love - and guess what? It wasn't about summer, sunshine or beach life. In fact, it couldn't have been any farther away from my island life in Greece! I went to Norways biggest ski resort in Trysil - 3,5 hours from Oslo - and went skiing downhill from1200 meters over sea level. That was pretty INSANE! And of course worth a blog post and a high five!

If you saw my post on Instagram; you already know that I haven't gone skiing in 15-20 years, so trust me: It felt like was born again, and truth is that it was a great accomplishment for me! I felt happiness and joy, and truth is that I felt really privileged. Imagine being so lucky to get this chance. I got the opportunity first of all because one of mye business partners, Rudi Baumgarten and his company Safety Computing, invitied some fifteen other people and me. This mini-vacay was a once in a lifetime experience with fifteen rock solid business associates from the business network, BNI Alpha, a chapter in BNI Norway. And guess what? I got this one in a lifetime opportunity just one week later, because I've got the guts to ask for what I wish for.

As a grown up, new friendship, isn't all that easy to find, and - yeah - it's just easier when you're a child or student. But I've been really lucky. So, THANK YOU!

ME-time & Tennis

Another story is that many years ago I tried playing tennis in Miami/Daytona Beach. I was 22 years old, and discovered how challenging this sport is. And it's a great work out! With life flying by faster than you can say; hold on! Some twenty years has passed, and three children plus a life time later; I didn't find the time to choose ME & Tennis - and the dream about tennis as a family sport has passed away. All though that isn't all true... Last summer Leo, Jasmine and I checked into a hotel with a basketball goal and a tennis court - all bleached and burned by the Greek sun - but still it was more than good enough for us. We had fun, and we loved it!

Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, or maybe event all the time, and it isn't "JUST TO" all the time. Sometimes the everyday brings more than we can handle, but I know that with a positive attitude it's easier - which mean believing even though all the lights are out and you're so tired you can't even recognize your self in the mirror; KEEP THAT POSITIVE THOUGTH and keep it so tight, as if your entire life is clinging on to it. Because our "ME-times" and "Me, My Self & I - eras" in life, we need them. And they will come (I hope). So start today, by creating those small tiny moments (that maybe only you can see, but it's a start) and it feels great!

My golden message, might be:

A golden ticket for your TENNIS, SKIING, DIVING and ALL YOUR Mount Everest GOALS!

I guess the message I'm trying to share with you this Wednesday in ice-cold-and-freezing March, is that I think we should take more space for ourselves and the things we really want to do. Tennis or basket? Or maybe both? Diving or surfing? Sure, why not?

Do you want to climb Mount Everest, or go on an exhibition to Svalbard? Do it!

Like a wink of an eye!

Some, thirty years ago, my father told me that; From the time that I was in your age until today - Just happened really fast. Like a wink of an eye. So pay attention to your life, Jennifer, because it will pass by really fast - especially if you wont make the most of it.

This summer I'm 49, and I'm not even close to doing all the things that I really want to do. Heck! I want to fall in love again, and explore the world and build a life out of adventures - and live out all the "corkyness" in me!

But, sure - baby steps... One step at a time. One by one. Etc. This chapter of my life is called Family Life With a Juicy Slice of Me Time (Before I'm 50!!) Ps. I love my life, with my family, children, my job, friends and every thing. But it's ok to get the itch of doing something that's ONLY FOR YOUR SELF.

Lots of hugs


March, Oslo


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