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Mother but still me - don't you think it's funny how we change our lifestyle when we become parents?

This pictures is a proof of me still being me!

- The pictures is from one of my favorite spots in the world.

The first thing that hit my mind when I got pregnant the first time, is that; "There's no way I'm going to change who I am." I remember having a random conversation with some friends from school who dropped by the shop I was running - and we agreed; The best way to become a good parent is to continue your lifestyle with family friendly adjustments (of course).

After all, this is the life we already know. Think about it for a second - and don't you agree? It's easier to continue what you already know by heart, instead of going back to square one? It is a bit funny that the second we learn about our pregnancies, we organize our lives into the most "common way of parenting". And there you go: You become A4.

Growing up I was a scared little girl, not knowing anything about any directions in life... really. And life just kind of happened. But a long the way I found my self and who I really am, and I became a young woman with strong will! A free soul, friendly with all people, countries and cultures. I became a true globetrotter, not like Lexie Limitless (who I admire), but a citizen of the world. Becoming a mother, my biggest fear was to change this "addictive" behavior of mine; traveling all over the world. Not surprisingly my hashtag was #motherbutstillme !

I am not an Athenian or a Greek. I am a citizen of the world. [Socrates]

Reinventing my blog, What better slogan and hashtag can I have, than MOTHER BUT STILL ME? And this is how I wish to encourage and inspire you, wether you are a man or a woman. Maybe you share my fear about changing to become someone you're not in the "journey" of becoming a parent. Or maybe you need to rediscover yourself after years as a parent trapped in what we in Norway call A4 - the typical lifestyle of our society doing what you have to because it appears right.

This is Jennifer Moi, mother of Leo, Jazz and Maximilian.

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