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Now is the time to make plans for the summer of 2023

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Summer of 2023 already? Sure!

Now is the time to make plans for the summer of 2023. A key factor in making a successful vacation on an affordable budget is to make your vacation plans early. I understand that the feeling of it, makes you wonder (!) and I understand that now is the time to work on your business and career. Trust me. But the affordable prices for great destinations comes with early vacation planning. This summer many Greek destinations were too expensive, but I still recommend Greece if you haven't experienced this beautiful country yet. Unfortunately "all" the islands seem to think that they are Mykonos (which is expensive, but worth it). What I mean is that many islands take five star prices without knowing what five stars are.

Less commercial, more difficult to find

Visit islands which are less commercial and more difficult to travel to, that way you'll find some great destinations and hotels for a really good price. Many of the Cyclades commercial islands are authentic, beautiful and has developed and bloomed into a beautiful gem. So, you should absolutely pick a few days here and there. Check out my work-in-progress Unique Travel Guide for my take on it. Just remember, to be true to your self and what you actually like. Because your vacation is about YOU! What I consider as a heaven can be hell for you, so check out my article on how to travel.

Quick and Easy to get you started!

This blog post is a quick and easy article to remind you that you should start your summer plans now. Here are some takeaway bullet points on my experience from this year:

  • Use Instagram and travel guides as an inspiration.

  • Choose push notifications to receive alerts whenever the person or company who inspires you posts something.

  • Contact me if you're planning to go to one of the places I recommend, I might be able to arrange a better price for you. I don't answer direct messages in the socials, so use the inquiry form.

  • Book with free cancellation, as plans ahead can change.

  • Be careful with This year we experienced several issues with the popular booking applications. For instance, we booked a hotel in Skopelos where we in the last minute were advised to cancel our booking. It appeared the room was double booked. (How is that even possible?) We didn't want to find something new, as we organized our entire trip to visit this unique hotel I found. We had already booked tickets and everything for the company of five, and last-minute-reservations are too expensive. In the end, kicked us out with the absence of an apology and financial remuneration. (Their apology came when I sent a complaint, and we had to forget getting a financial remuneration for our increased budget on our stay.) We payed double the price of our original stay. As you all know, I don't like to serve the negatives. Especially because I've enjoyed for many years now. But as a travel blogger - I commit to being true and honest. So, have this in mind when booking your accommodation, might be better (but I didn't use them so much). If you have to use - book a back up hotel. Just remember to save all your Free-cancellation-bookings in your calendar with alerts, to avoid being stuck with accommodation you don't need.

  • Save money!

  • Avoid booking flights, trains, ferries and busses before you are certain that you're actually going to travel.

  • I strongly recommend making the time you spend on travel about fun, inspiration and relaxation - and avoid being stressed about it as if it's a job.

  • Traveling with your loved one? Friends? Your family? Include some activities like watersports, sights seeing, museums, visiting a wine yard, full fill a dream, points of interests or make room for dolce-far-niente (the art of doing nothing).

  • Traveling alone? Challenge your self, make reservations and organize for at least one thing on your bucket-list! Maybe it's time to finally take the Padi diving licence?

See you again! Pretty soon I hope

This work-in-progress travel guide is this waiting for amazing travel reviews and recommendations from the summer of 2022! Just hang in there, and make sure to pop by any time soon.

If you're not already following me on instagram or facebook, make sure to do so. It means a lot to me, and gives me that motivation and spark for new great adventures to share with you!

Never stop exploring! Ok?

With love

Jennifer Moi

Ps. The picture is taken last minute from the main road in Koufonisia just before running to the ferry!

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