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What You Need to Know about  My Blog

I've been a mother the past 15 years, and run my own business most of my grown up life. I've been in and out of a couple of relationships, but I've mostly been alone. Because of my lifestyle traveling and staying abroad eight years of my life - I couldn't settle down in a relationship. Maybe you are a bit similar with me, or maybe not - but I can't stand the control we people like to have over one another when in a relationship.


I know there are many of us working-girls (or working-guys) out there, running the entire show alone. Spending our everyday life out there in the battle field. I call it a battle field, because it kind of feels like it stumbling around and in between all our obligations.

But this blog is where to say STOP, not anymore. I'm going to be my self (how ever selfish it may sound)!

Because I'm a writer and journalist, and work as a professional content creator in social media, I had this thought;

Why not get something good out of all these things going on in my life and start a blog about it? 


This blog isn't all about motivation, coping with challenges etc. It is indeed a blog and website, covering travel, people and places. 


Why follow my blog? I know it can sound as a cliché but fact is; if I can do this single-woman-mother-business-globetrotter lifestyle of mine, I'm sure you can handle what ever is getting your way. Just remember: We can make whatever we really want to, as long as we REALLY want to!

BTW: I have to give my hairdresser cred for this blogg. During a session at Adam og Eva Aker Brygge;

"Jennifer, why don't you just start a blog about your self? Just the way you are, how you cope with all kind of situations - and how you still manage to travel, meet people and stay posted on all kind of things".


Well... once upon a time I launched one of the first blogs in Norway - long time before Facebook and social media - so why not reinvent and re launch once again?

So here goes. I hope you find my personal blog of value, and I promise to be honest and true. 

This is a blog, my personal views, about Summer, Travel & Survival - If you are a dreamer, exhausted parent, business owner or just looking for some inspiration - THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. Or anyone, really!


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