What You Need to Know about  My Blog

I've been an independant business woman, and had my own business and projects most of my life alongside being a mother. There's nothing unique about that, because I know there are many of us. But here's the thing. As we all know, every once in awhile we all have different challenges. So... unexpectedly, many of the people in my circle one by one, revealed how they dealt with difficult times. They found motivation and strength when thinking of how, I as a single mom, always had to deal with challenges alone. So... if Jennifer can deal with it, I can too. 

Two months ago, my lovely hairdresser told me; "Jennifer, why don't you just start a blog about your self. Just the way you are, how you cope with all kind of situations - and how you manage to still travel, meet people and stay posted on all kind of things". Well, once upon a time I launched one of the first blogs in Norway - long time before Facebook and social media - so why not reinvent and launch once again?

So here goes. I hope you find my personal blog of value, and I promise to be honest and true.