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Stunning views, magical and internal beauty!

If you're going to spend time in the Southern Aegean you just have to visit Santorini. Just remember that it is a small and very popular island which make the crowds unbearable some times. It might even be impossible to find your way even with a car. But don't worry. Travel smart and organize your trip well. 

I recommend booking  hotels in the different villages you're planning to visit. This way you can find your own paste, and truly enjoy these unbelivably beautiful villages with so much charm, history, blue and white churces, stunning views, great views and strong beautiful people (who's running their dream). 

Bare in mind that where ever there's a lot of people and money, you will find all kind of hotels, restaurants and people. So please pay attention, but most of all enjoy your stay in this island - and let go and dream your self away! 


When luxury, dreams and the sky no longer is a limit...

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When you want to enjoy your privacy, have comfortable luxurious space, and experience anything your heart desires.

Enjoy my work-in-progress travel guide, more information about this dream hotel coming soon. 


Cheek, sexy and absolutely stunning! Great vibes, gorgeous rooms and fantastic service.

Enjoy my work-in-progress travel guide, more information about this absolutely gorgeous hotel coming very soon. 

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I really enjoy luxury, but what I really do LOVE is VERY UNIQUE places where I can relax, explore and connect.

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Imagine a quiet, traditional and genuine place built around a 600 year old church... Trust me, this is not an imagination. This hotel has fantastic facilities, personal service and beautiful delicates spaces. I absolutely love this hotel, and can't wait to stay here this summer of 2022!

Follow my work-in-progress travel guide, more information about this truly wonderful hotel coming up really very soon!


Colorful, charming and caring. I can 't wait to visit this very charming house i Pyrgos in Santorini this summer. The colors, the vibes and I beautiful scenery with beautiful churches and sea view. 

I will continue this travel guide about Calliope House and Pyrgos very soon. 

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I hope you enjoy my guide! To discover unique and charming places with a touch of luxury is my absolute inspiration - and what really keeps me going! And a great way to catch dreams...

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