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We share so many pictures and images through the socials, some times forgetting the stories behind them. These are my short quick and easy stories following different images I share on Instagram. 

- the real stories - 



Short, quick and easy about my meeting with Vangelis from Ios Island

How to get a taxi on Ios island in Greece?

You need to know that there are taxis and transfer services on Ios. Most of the young ones take the bus service. There are five taxis on the island, and it doesn't really matter who you pick or choose because they all collaborate. Meaning that if you for example call Vangelis and he is busy, he will most likely send you to one of his colleagues from one of the other taxi services. 

One day we actually experienced that Maroussa (one taxi service) took us one stretch, and then Vangelis took us the next. When the tourism on such a small island reaches the pike of the season, this is the way they can solve it. 

1. Save the business card on your phone.

2. Find out if the taxi service is 24 hours.

3. Ask "the taxi-guy", if you want to know almost anything about a tourist destination. 

About my experience:

Normally I travel with four and five people in my group, sometimes even nine - so booking a taxi or transfer isn't my favorite game. It is expensive, and normally I need to bargain and cut a deal. I have a budget, and when boat tickets and transfer services reach a big chunk of my wallet - I need to think twice.

But using Vangelis and Dimitris taxi service is very pleasant, their english is flawless, they are friendly and give you a comfortable ride. 

About Vangelis:

Vangelis and his brother Dimitris, runs a brand new taxi service with their mother Anna. They also run a lovely place called Manthos Place. Anna is this really loving and nice person, but she's really busy running around on the property to take care of her guests. But the land is also well taken care of, so don't be surprised if you find her in the garden picking tomatoes or other wonders this land has to offer. 

I normally call Maroussa when I need a taxi, but this morning she was busy, so I ran after Anna to ask for assistance. My daughter and I were heading for an interview for my very unique travel guide. She called her sons taxi service which were on the spot in minutes. And the funny thing is that this handsome bloke immediately startet talking to me as he knew me. He was full of energy, laughing, and talking non-stop. The conversation went like; "... finally we meet and ... this and that... etc". My mind did a quick Google-search in my mind...who is this guy? Jeez Jen... why can't I place him? Eventually as the conversation went on I decided, I had to ask him; "I'm really sorry, but where do we know each other from?".

I sometimes start to chat with hotels etc. on Instagram before I make my booking. Vangelis is the guy I had been chatting with during the winter, making my reservations for Manthos. 


Later that same day, instead of calling for a taxi, we decided to go for a snack at the creperie. And I had an idea of some places I wanted to check out, so we walked a couple of meters down the road. A car comes behind us, and the street is very narrow, so we have to walk to the side and as I turn to check the car - it is "the taxi-guy". He says; "Ela Jennifer, where are you going?" He looks at me and says; "Get in the car, I will take you a few meters up the hill". And so, we joined Vangelis once again as he was on his way to pick up some clients from a hotel.

"Bye, Jen! Call me, ok?" My daughter and I didn't get the chance to enjoy the ride before it all was over, and we were on our way to a church on top of the hill. 

Well, a little bit later that same day we were on the other side of the village. We wanted to check out the wind mills. Just to look around and catch some fresh air. In between some buildings, there are a short road and we were really enjoying our discoveries. You know, the only way you really can explore a destinations is by foot. Suddenly, in the midle of no where, "the taxi-guy" shows up again! This time with a client in the car and a big smile on his face; "Hi Jennifer! See you!". It was hilarious and my daughter and I started talking about how funny we thought it all was. 

When we were happy with our day in the village, we had already reached the edge of chora - so I asked my daughter; "Do you want to go back in to the center to find a taxi, or do you prefer to continue to walk?" I knew she wanted a taxi, but she knows her mother well, so we continued to walk towards Mylopotas. The day was absolutely beautiful, and truth is, I normally find it a bit complicated to book a taxi. But not this day! I don't think we got the chance to walk more than 300 meters before a taxi drew by us, and stopped in the midle of the street - right in front of us. And I don't need to explain who it was; of course it was "the taxi-guy" who were ready to bring us back to Manthos Place. 

So, as you understand, our meeting with Vangelis and Dimitris taxi service was one of a kind. Really. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my #moisocialstory

Jennifer Moi

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