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Rent a plain room or book a magnificent suite or a luxury villa.

I found that you can always find really beautiful hotels where ever you go in Greece. Well, almost. Ios Island is one of those places where you can find a plain and cheap room, or book an unbelievable suite.

If you are an island junkie like me, who wants to spend as much time as possible in Greece. You'll find that you need to be really smart with your reservations and create a cocktail of dreamy and affordable hotels and islands. Most people call it island hopping, I call it treasure hunting. More about How I make it work, and my techniques for booking. The stunning photography is taken by: Johnny Africa

Ios Island in it self is a really beautiful island in the South Aegan Sea, a fifty minutes ferry trip from Santorini Island with an international airport. You can consider staying in Chora, Mylopotas Beach, the port, Magganari Beach, Tzamaria Beach or Psathi Beach. I suggest staying at the:

Mylopotas Beach, the Port or the Village.

If you're not able to rent a car, I recommend booking an extra accommodation in the areas you are considering to explore. For instance, if you stay in Mylopotas, but would like to enjoy chora or Koumbara Beach (near Tzamaria), book five nights in Mylopotas, two nights in Tzamaria or Chora. For me it's always a priority to be able to just wake up, put on flip flops, a hat and my enormous sun glasses - for a morning stroll on the beach. I don't do busses or cars on my way to the beach.

Enjoy my personal recommendations for a lazy beach life on Ios Island.

Jennifer Moi

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If you can Dream it, you can Do It - Walt Disney

Cine Liostasi - Chora Ios Island.png


On our travel plan for 2022 we are spending a couple of days at Liostasi.

The chic luxury hotel has more to offer than a bed and a view. In 2018 they won the Dreamiest Design Award in the SLH awards 2018.


Uniq Travel Recommendation

Thank you beautiful earth, and holistic beautiful minds for Ios Island, Paralia Papas and Calilo. This Dream destination is beyond my price range, but I do like to keep the Dream Alive. Calilo hosts weddings and dream experiences for the rich, famous and those of us who do believe in fairytales and organic living.

Calilo Resort Rock Pool Ios Island.png
The Elite Suite - Ios Island.png


Unique Travel Recommendation

Located exactly where you would like to stay, near the Golden Beach Mylopotas. Enjoy lazy days on the beach and indulge from one of the many beautiful restaurants, or stay by your private infinity pool all day long. 

These Ios Grand Suites are launched the summer of 2022. We can't wait to pay them a visit. 


If you can Dream it, you can Do It - Walt Disney

When you are going for a long vacation, and you want to make the most out of your travel; pick and mix between cheap but beautiful islands, and luxury islands. And combine value for money hotels with affordable luxury hotels. Drizzle your stay by making reservations on the "experience menu" on one of the Unique Places to Stay Guide

These recommendations are really good ones, and the service is impeccable. 

Gianemma Luxury Apartments.png


Affordable Luxury Recommendation

During our vacation of the summer of 2022 delighted to stay at Gianemma! These amazing suites provides you with privacy, comfortable space and a kitchen. Some of the suites has a private pool, and offers a unique relaxing experience.


Affordable Value+ Recommendation

Manthos place is a beautiful and very affordable hotel, with a walking distance to my favourite beach Mylopotas. The rooms has a minimalistic and modern touch, and the service is impeccable. 

The rooms are has a view over Mylopotas bay, with it's many quality restaurants, bars and watersports. 

Manthos Place.png
Kritikakis Village Hotel Ios Island.png


Affordable Professional+ Recommendation

Kritikakis Village Hotel is very affordable, comfortable and professionally run in every corner of this hotel. The rooms are spacious, and we love to enjoy Gialos beach and the charming port with nice restaurants like Ithaka. Kritikakis turndown service is my favourite! Bye-bye hotels where they throw us out to clean the rooms in the morning!

The term "Professional+" are based on the fact that many hotels in the Greek islands are family owned, which has a certain charm to it. Depending on which price range you choose, these hotels can be very unprofessional. Based on this hotels extra high level of professional facilities and services, Kritikakis is THE MOST PROFESSIONAL hotel we've found in Greece on this price range.


There are tons of great hotels in Ios

There are tons of great hotels in Ios, my recommendations are handpicked (some based on a relationship developed over years.). I love a party with good friends, but not where I rest my heart and soul. Note that I am not responsible for how these hotels meet your expectations. These are my personal choices. To ensure a successful vacation, always contact the hotel in advance, and KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

My travel guide goes in two categories:

  1. Three Good Affordable Hotels

  2. Three Unique Places to Stay

When planning your vacation in Ios, you need to figure out what you prefer to do in Ios. Ios is a small island - so almost any place goes location wise. If you're not planning to rent a car, I suggest a place which gives you a little bit of everything. Always use the map function on your booking app.

This website is a Work-in-Progress as an extension of my Instagram-account. More advise on Where to Stay, Where to Eat and What to Do is coming soon. So make sure to come back. If you like my concept, please don't hesitate to subscribe to my website. 

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Use hours and hours on or Check out my very unique recommendations for your next destination. Bare in mind that knowing What You REALLY want is crucial for your successful dream vacation.

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