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Why I love Greece so much!

Jennifer Moi - Greece - Koufonisia - Photo Jasmine Mei

Dear reader,

I'm writing this post as a letter, focusing on my time management this Sunday morning. Many of you have written to me asking for mye very best advise for Ελλάς (Greece in Latin). But first I would like to share the reason Why I love Greece so much!

One would probably think that my very first love in Greece was a man, but my first and only crush on a man in Greece, was the father of two of my children. But I met him after twenty five trips to Greece.

Know these things about Hellas/Ελλάς/Elada/Greece

First of all Greece is more than the Cyclades where I have spent most of travels the past six years (first time in 1995). Depending on which season you chose to travel to Greece and if you're looking for a journey though ancient history, stunning mountains, beach life and island hopping - you are recommended to discover more of Greece.

Know the fact that Greece is located in the center crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa, which makes this country more than one single country.

Personally I'm fascinated of how big the differences are from region to region and island to island in this magnificent country! So, do your research and discover the place which suits you and your family the best.

The character of Greece and Greeks

The things I personally adore about the character of Greece and the Greeks, is their passionate personality having strong opinions about the things they believe in. They are direct, personal, loving - and many of them truly are on fire. I find it charming, intriguing and it makes me feel alive.

In Greece I found my first love; the sun, the sea, the smells, the soothing breeze, the temperament and personality of the people - and their very characteristic "touch" through art, architecture, handmade clothes and the delicious Mediterranean food. Simplicity, style and personality are distinct elements in the Greek way.

Why I love Greece so much!

Obviously all the mentioned are good reasons, but mostly it's just this "something" - the way I feel about my self when I'm in Greece. And when in Greece, I just feel so complete and honest about my self. I guess, for some Italy and Spain are the special something or the special someone they love and adore. For me it is Greece.

Have you found your Greece?

If you haven't try to travel to Greece with an open mind, visit a small destination, avoid doing the tourist thing in a tourist trap, have fun and free your self and free your soul!

Photo: Jasmine Mei | Of my youngest son and love, Maximilian - enjoying a lovely day on Pori beach in Koufounisia.

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