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Key takeaways on Greece

Jennifer Moi Travel - Photo Bart Schouten -  Unsplash

Greek takeaways at a glance

If you haven't already noticed; Greece as reached the pike of being the top vacation destination for the summer of 2023! In this article I will give you the key takeaways on Greece: When to make your reservations, how to make reservations, how to discover the undiscovered and where to go and what to do. All from a helicopter view, with my very best highlights. To keep the article short, I only focus on Top three per category.

When to make your reservations

When making your plans for a vacation to Greece, keep in mind that you can never start to make your reservations too early. Personally, as travel is my hobby and every day therapy, I've already made my first Free cancellation reservation for the next summer, by the end of August. Depending on your destination, island groups like the Cyclades has become very expensive, and it's more difficult to find cheaper accommodation than previous years. But don't worry, there is always a way, if you can be a bit flexible. (Complete list upcoming post)

  1. Start in August

  2. Free cancellation

  3. Keep your reservations in order, so you don't end up with paying for hotels you're not going to visit.

How to make your reservations

In Greece, there are always opportunities, especially if you know some people. If you for example have built a relationship with someone who owns a studio, apartment or a hotel - contact them! Ask them if they have availability and if they can offer you a better price. Just remember not to be too "greedy" as the hotel might be their family business - and they have to make enough money for the winter as well. Many have different jobs during winter season, but let us focus on fair deals and fair play. (Complete list upcoming post)

  1. Use hotel and accommodation plattforms like, and

  2. Make an account and be a part of their reward system

  3. To get a better price, search and find your hotel on the accommodation plattforms and check the hotels website directly. Many guarantee a better price when booking directly.

How to discover the undiscovered

The very best way to get the very best travel experience, is to discover your own path. In order to discover, obviously you need to be flexible and maybe not bring a big travel company.

(Complete list upcoming post)

  1. Use travel apps and use the search filters wisely, and choose according what fits you the best. If budget is important; why not search for A. Cyclades B. From cheap to expensive C. Add features like swimming pool etc.

  2. When you found your destination; A. Enter the hotel on the top of your app B. Enter the map C. Tap on the different price links with quick view of the different hotels. D. Decide which location and price which seems like the perfect fit for you.

  3. Make plans for different destinations, because you never know if the destination and hotel you pick is perfect. This way you will always have a second chance on the same trip. And remember; short stays makes you always want to come back!

Where to go

Always remember that the world is by your feet, and that it's always a way. Don't get trapped in beautiful hotels (even though that is nice too), and try to focus more on the location, culture and what you want to experience during your vacation. In Greece during the summer I would choose the Cyclades:

(Complete list upcoming post)

  1. Folegandros

  2. Amorgos

  3. Koufounisia

  4. Santorini

  5. Sikinos

  6. Ios

  7. Syros

  8. Mykonos

  9. Athens

  10. Hydra

All these islands are great destinations, and they all bring something different to the table. And your experience in any destinations in Greece depends on how you treat the destination. Maybe Mykonos is number one for you even though it is number eight for me. Before I became a mother, I used to spend four month back and forth in Mykonos during summertime. With the children, I choose three nights just to have a taste of luxury and the taste of some decent beach loungy party vibes where kids fit in.

Why Folegandros is my number 1?

Follow my newsletter and very unique travel guides to learn more. Coming up soon!

What to do - Key takeaways on Greece

During your vacation in Greece there are certain things you have to do, for instance you just have to eat at a good Greek sea food taverna. You also have to bring some good sneakers and take a hike. Here's a short list of what to do:

(Complete list upcoming post)

  1. Enjoy a day on the beach

  2. Spend the evening in the islands chora/village

  3. Visit a monastery

Text: Jennifer Moi | Photo: Bart Schouten | Unsplash

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